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The Process

LPA Made Simple offers a proven four step process ensuring our clients receive the best advice. We are dedicated to removing the complications that sometimes appear in the document and registration system, whilst understanding each client’s requirements.

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Step 1 Step 1 Initial Contact

Contact us either by phone on 0800 195 7522, by using our contact form » or we’ll contact you following a referral.

Step 2 Step 2 Home Visit

We visit you at a time convenient to you and the other parties that you wish to involve, this can be in your home, a more convenient venue or even a Care facility.

Step 3 Step 3 Documentation

We produce all the necessary documentation as agreed and discussed with you at Step 2, the Home visit.

Step 4 Step 4 Sign & Complete

We return with all the paperwork and guide you through the completion of these papers,before applying for registration on your behalf, acting as correspondent thoughout the process.

The Process in Detail

Step 1 - Initial Contact

Step 1 - Initial Contact

We contact you either by telephone, email or text following your initial contact. We discuss the situation with you with regards to yourself or the person(s) that you are calling on behalf of. This can include an understanding of any relevant illnesses or medication. We can usually establish at this point whether the person(s) are able to proceed , and what the exact costs will be.

Clients can then book an appointment at a convenient time, taking into account our advice on who needs to be present. In some cases clients need to discuss further with the other parties involved before making this commitment.

Step 2 - Home Visit

Step 2 - Home Visit

When we visit we hold an informal meeting with those present to establish further detail about the client’s circumstances and requirements. We will then offer our best advice. This includes the selection of the right Attorney(s), and those suitable for other roles within the process.

Please note the final decision must always be made by the Client (Donor) themselves.

Once agreeing to proceed we collect the information necessary to complete the documentation on a simple  questionnaire and agree upon a return appointment convenient to everyone involved.

If the client qualifys for remission or full exemption of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) registration fee, we give the clients specific advice on how to obtain the required income/pension/benefit information. This process is relatively simple but can be problematical without our help.


Step 3 - Documentation

Step 3 - Documentation

We prepare all the documentation, collecting any outstanding information. It usually takes up to five working days. If the situation is more urgent, a 24 hour turnaround can be possible providing all the information is available.

In extreme cases it is possible to handle steps 2, 3 and 4 in the one visit.

Step 4 - Sign and Complete

Step 4 - Sign & Complete

We return with all the paperwork for our clients to check and sign off all the details. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT as any errors not discovered at this stage can result in the application to register being rejected, often leading to the payment of a second registration fee on resubmission.

We will then complete all the paperwork with our clients and attorneys (if present). In most cases we act as the Certificate Provider and can witness all signatures of those present. If it is not possible for a chosen Attorney to attend this meeting we have a proven system for gaining their signature immediately after the meeting.

At this stage we request payment for our work and any registration fees involved. The documents are then processed in our offices and followed up with the Office of the Public Guardian on the clients behalf as their nominated correspondent.

Their process takes around eight weeks currently and unfortunately there is no fast track system.

When we receive the registered documents, we copy them and forward them onto our client. We also include a summary of the Code of Practice to assist Attorney(s) should the document be required in the future.

Help & Information

LPA Made Simple provides general help and advice for all the roles included in the Lasting Power of Attorney and it's future use.

Whether you are a donor, an attorney, a certificate provider, or a witness etc. here you should be able to find the information you need.

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