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Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney or LPA is a legal document that allows you to appoint chosen representatives who will be responsible for you and your affairs should you be unable to do it for yourself in the future, in advance, and it allows you to place restrictions on and give directions to the people you choose. An LPA comes in two parts, Property and Financial Affairs and Health and Welfare.

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Why might I need an LPA?

Look upon it as a form of essential insurance. You may never need it but forward planning like this ensures that if, in the future, you become mentally or physically incapacitated, you, your family and close friends will have the peace of mind that full control of all your affairs, including how you wish to be cared for, remains with the people you trust the most.

To make things easy for you, we are able to make visits wherever is easiest for you locally, at times that are best for you. We do not charge for these visits.

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LPA Made Simple charges from £250 for a Lasting Power of Attorney document with savings for couples and families.

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Areas we cover

LPA Made Simple operates in most locations within England & Wales

Contact us on 0800 195 7522 for confirmation of areas covered.


We are still providing our 'value for money' services helping many clients in these difficult times. Our approach is to ensure that maximum safety is maintained for our clients and advisors. This means that you are still able to benefit from the protection provided by a Lasting Power of Attorney with full peace of mind. We are a personal not digitally based business and very flexible to your personal circumstances and requirements. Please contact us with the full confidence that we make no charges until the documents are produced and there are no hidden extras.