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LPA cover for all unforeseen occurrences

As more of us receive our jab it is pleasing to see that the important issue of sorting out Lasting Powers of Attorney has come to the fore. The increased highlighting of mental health and the detrimental effect the last year has had on the community would appear to be producing a lot of activity and people are no longer ‘putting it off’ and they are ‘just doing it’.
Make sure you get the right advice and instruct professionals with a safe process for you and your family.

The Lasting Power of Attorney document was launched as the replacement for Enduring Power of Attorney on 1st October 2007. It is great to see the Government at last running a publicity campaign explaining to everyone how important it is that we get these documents drawn up and in place. No time is the right time but leaving it too long means thousands of families are trying to deal with a loved one’s affairs with no legal ability to do so. Many people spend thousands of pounds trying to gain a very poor ‘second best’, taking many months, and still giving them, little say on Health and Welfare matters.

Follow the Governments advice and remove the worry for your family and loved ones. Do it now to cover all unforeseen occurrences.

It is possible to create your own LPA documents online. However, there are almost innumerable ways to make mistakes. This often leads to months of altering and resubmitting for many people. Remember the registration body are not there to advise.

Chelmsford LPA Group Talk – Feb 2015

On Tuesday 24th February, LPA Made Simple will be visiting the residents of Macmillan Court in Chelmsford to talk about Lasting Power of Attorney.

Macmillan Court is a residential retirement centre managed by Peveral Homes. The visit is part of an on-going effort to explain all about Lasting Power of Attorney to the general public and provide a convenient and comfortable service for potential donors.