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LPA Made Simple operates in most locations within England & Wales - contact us for confirmation of areas covered.

Further good news. LPA Made Simple now covers Bristol, Gloucester, Bath, Cardiff and surrounding areas.We also recently added representation in East Midlands, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool and Merseyside. More good news on our continuing expansion very soon.

Recent talks

This is a general thank you to the numerous clubs and associations across the country who have kindly allowed us to present on Lasting Power of Attorney to their members, over the last few months. Everyones’ hospitality and kindness has been overwhelming and we have met some fantastic people from all walks of life. Our own learning has been greatly enhanced on a wide range of subjects, including our own subject.

This activity has allowed us to help many new clients and they have in turn refered us to many of their friends and family. Word is at last starting to get out underlining how important these documents are. We unfortunately still meet too many people who we can’t help, having left it too late, and they are reporting initial costs of £5000 to £8000 when applying for Deputyship (the only alternative) and time delays of many months.

We are now embarking on a busy schedule of talks with a growing programme into 2017 already. We are often able to help out on last minute cancellations.

We are determined to reguarly update our site from ‘hereonin’ so please watch this space.

Talk to the Llandudno Rotary Club


We are pleased to announce that LPA Made Simple now covers West Midlands, Warwick, North Wales and surrounding areas.

There will be further news of more areas in the coming weeks so please keep checking our site to see if we have reached you.


Why LPAs Have Replaced EPAs – April 2015

LPAs have replaced EPAs and now only EPAs signed before 1st October 2007 can be registered. So why should you replace your existing EPA with an LPA? We look into a most concerning case study:

Mr C signed an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) in 2005 with his partner of over 30 years as his sole attorney – both Mr C and his partner were widowed.  In May of 2014 it was decided to register the EPA, as Mr C had lost capacity.

As is required with the Registration of an EPA, his four surviving siblings were notified and they were given six weeks to raise any objections. Two objections were received from two of the siblings but they did not follow up and qualify with any justifiable reasons.

At this point it was reasonable to expect that the document would move forward to registration without further delay. However in August 2014 the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) insisted that they visit Mr C, who by this time was in hospital and due to be transferred to a care home. The visit eventually took place and it was expected again that registration would follow. The case was then passed from the OPG to the Court of Protection with a request to register.

The Court of Protection then wrote to the siblings giving them another three weeks to raise any valid objection to registering. They failed to do so which allowed the matter to be presented to the next available Judge.

Mr C sadly passed away in December, three weeks prior to the EPA finally being registered. This course of events took place despite the continuous follow up by a professional representative on behalf of Mr C and his Attorney.